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Green Tips for Cleaning up Mold Naturally

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold could be growing in your home or business and you might never know because mold loves those dark and humid places that humans don’t pay much attention to. Basements, kitchens, and bathrooms are the most likely places to find mold and bacteria growth since water is a big factor in these spaces. Once a mold colony begins, it can rapidly establish itself within 24-48 hours, causing respiratory problems and allergic reactions in many people.

Using chemicals is something many of us are avoiding these days as well, so here are some non-toxic ways to eradicate mold.


  • Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or baking soda
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Spray bottle


Using Hydrogen Peroxide:

    • Pour 3% concentration hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and saturate the moldy surface completely. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
    • Scrub the area to remove all mold and mold stains, and then wipe down surfaces to remove residual mold and spores.
  • Using Vinegar:
    • Pour white distilled vinegar into a spray bottle - do not water down. Spray the solution onto moldy surfaces and let it sit for one hour. Wipe the area clean with water and allow to dry thoroughly; any odors from the vinegar should be gone within a few hours.
    • Baking soda can also be used along with the vinegar to kill different mold species.
  • Using Baking Soda
    • Add ¼ tablespoon baking soda to a spray bottle of water and shake till dissolved. Spray the moldy area with the solution and use the scrubbing brush to remove all mold from surfaces. Rinse the area with water to remove any residual mold.
    • Spray the surface a second time and let dry thoroughly; this will kill any left-over mold and prevent it from returning.

All these solutions are wonderful non-toxic alternatives to chemical-based cleaners and are safe to use for people, pets, and the environment. They are also easy to find and inexpensive as well.

SERVPRO of Brunswick cares about you, your family, and the environment. Call us today at (912) 264-6094 for all your cleanup needs.

When your South Georgia business suffers from a fire loss, count on SERVPRO.

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When your South Georgia business suffers from a fire loss, count on SERVPRO. This fire originated at the dryer

A late Sunday evening in July, SERVPRO was notified of a fire happening at a local country club. Our crews arrived as the fire trucks were pulling out to survey the damage and create a game plan to remediate the affected area. SERVPRO was able to contain the damaged areas by setting up temporary walls which prevented future damage and the spread of soot. Temporary walls were also placed to ensure that the Country Club could resume with their scheduled events without any disruption from the fire. SERVPRO of Brunswick worked from sunrise to sunset getting this property back to its original beauty by cleaning the HVAC unit, scrubbing the walls, pulling up effected flooring, and disposing of debris from the fire.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage? Call Us Today – 912-264-6094

Top Commercial Cleaning Jobs You Should Plan For

8/7/2018 (Permalink)

As a business owner or the owner of commercial property, you probably have a list of things in mind that you will want to be cleaned and maintained, and you will have established a working relationship with a professional commercial cleaning company.

When it’s time for cleaning projects to be completed, make sure you have received a checklist from the cleaning company that helps you get ready for the job. Every area of your property is different with unique requirements, and your cleaning company will want you to be ready for them.

When it comes to your business, there are a few jobs that you should probably plan for on a regular basis:

LOBBY OR RECEPTION AREA: Since this is the first area anyone sees when they come to your place of business, it should be kept in pristine shape at all times, undergoing daily cleaning and spot checks throughout the day. In addition to keeping it clean and tidy at all times, a routine deep cleaning should be done regularly, keeping weather conditions in mind. Recessed lighting, high shelves, and carpeting are all items that will need special attention on a regular basis here.

WORKSPACES - OFFICES AND CUBICLES: These areas can get dusty easily since electronics attract dust, so desks can be cleared of all machinery and work-related items and cleaned thoroughly. They also need to be disinfected regularly to discourage office-wide illnesses. The flooring in these areas needs a routinely-scheduled cleaning, as well, to keep the whole space looking great. HVAC vents will require attention here, as well as windows, both inside and out.

BATHROOMS AND KITCHEN: These areas, like the ones at home, see a lot of traffic, and can get pretty unattractive quickly. Daily maintenance can do a lot to keep things clean, but scheduling routine heavy-duty cleaning will ensure that healthy conditions are maintained. Surfaces used for food preparation, counters in the bathroom, toilets, and flooring are all things people come in contact with every day and should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.

Here at SERVPRO of Brunswick, we’re experienced in commercial cleaning projects, and happy to help. We also handle cleanup jobs after fire and water damage, and mold remediation is one of our specialties. Call us today at (912) 264-6094.

Coming up with a Fire Emergency Plan

8/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fires in homes and businesses result in injuries, property damage, and even death. A plan to handle a fire emergency will help to lower the chances that these things will happen to your staff and loved ones.

We’re sharing tips today that are all part of a good fire emergency plan:

SMOKE ALARMS: Install good quality smoke alarms on or near the ceilings of your home or business in areas where people gather. In a home, the best place is near bedrooms. Installing carbon monoxide alarms in the same areas is always a good idea since CO is an odorless and colorless gas produced by burning fuels and nearly undetectable unless an alert is given.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Ensure that you have at least one multipurpose fire extinguisher readily accessible. Show everyone where it is and how to use it.

FIREPLACE INSPECTIONS: Have your wood burning fireplace inspected annually in the fall before you use it during cold weather. Your HVAC unit should be looked over at this point as well. Employ a professional for these tasks.

CREATE AN ESCAPE PLAN: Have an escape plan for your family, and make sure everyone understands it and can follow the plan in case of fire. Second story homes should have an escape ladder.

REMOTE MONITORS: There are remote monitors available today to let you know if there is a fire in your home while you are away. They can be plugged into an electrical outlet easily and connected to your internet, and you will be notified by the app you download on your phone.

FIRE-RESISTANT MATERIALS: During home repair or remodeling, use fire-resistant building materials when available. For example, using a fire retardant brand of insulation can be a huge part of keeping your home or business fire safe.

Call the SERVPRO of Brunswick team anytime for help with fire safety. We are always available to assist with home or commercial cleanup after fire and water damage, as well. Our phone number is (912) 264-6094.

SERVPRO of Brunswick Named a Best Of Homeguide Pro

8/2/2018 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO of Brunswick team is proud to announce that we have been named 2018 Best of HomeGuide Pro! We are very honored by this selection, since less than 6% of all HomeGuide professionals out of dozens in the area make up this list after having been scored on more than 10 variables.

Our team always works hard, performing excellent work in a timely, professional manner, and we are proud of the recognition we have received from HomeGuide as carpet cleaning professionals. However, being able to serve our customers in the Brunswick area is something we are even more honored to be able to do. Thank you, Brunswick, for contacting us with your cleanup and remediation needs!

Here at SERVPRO of Brunswick, we offer a range of specialized cleaning methods that ensure you receive the best service possible. These services include:

  • Dry Cleaning: when color and speed are an issue
  • Hot Water Extraction: a deep cleaning method for all carpet types
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse: Helps restore deeply soiled areas
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning: The most thorough cleaning method available
  • Bonnet Cleaning: A less aggressive method used for short-pile carpets

Your carpets act as filters that trap dirt, dust, gases, animal hair, and other contaminants. There are proactive steps that you can take between professional carpet cleanings to increase the lifespan of your carpets, such as vacuuming regularly, removing spots, and moving furniture regularly to change the traffic patterns in your home or business. Walk-off mats will limit the amount of dirt brought in by foot traffic while pilating your carpeting will prevent matting.

A cleaning done by SERVPRO of Brunswick will address both moderate and heavy soil conditions in your carpeting, and a good rule of thumb is to schedule professional cleanings every 12 months to keep your home or business flooring looking its very best. Dirt builds up in layers, so when soiling becomes visibly noticeable, keep in mind that there is even more hiding below the surface and causing damage. Not allowing your carpeting to become saturated with dirt will help it to last much longer, while the required cleaning will not be as costly, saving you money over time.

Here at SERVPRO of Brunswick, we employ state of the art equipment to help you keep your carpeting looking its best. We are fire and water damage cleanup experts, too, and we also handle mold remediation. Keep us in mind for all of your professional cleaning projects both large and small. Call us today at (912) 319 0106!

Where to Check for Water Damage

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

Damp areas are an attractive spot for a mold colony to begin, and that’s something no one wants, or needs, to see. Doing regular inspections of areas in your home or business that are most likely to develop water damages due to leaks and such will allow you to take care of issues before they can become serious.

Here are the top three areas to check regularly for water damage:

The bathroom. Water is the name of the game when it comes to the bath area. Most bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly at least once a week, and these times are great for checking for leaks and damp areas. Look in the least traveled spots, such as corners of the linen closet, behind the toilet, under the sink. If there are any leaks in these places, they can be a danger until they are fully dry. You can invest in a dehumidifier for your bathroom, which is a great help.

The kitchen. This area of the home or business is also a watery place, and it is used more than any other area in homes besides the bath. Keep an eye out for spills and leaks and clean them up immediately to ensure that they are not attracting mold spores, which are always in our air and cannot be removed. Under the sink and refrigerator are places that can be damaged by water without you noticing, so get out your flashlight and make sure you see every corner clearly.

The laundry room. This room, since it has large appliances, also has nooks and crannies that are not cleaned as often, and a leak behind the washing machine can create huge issues down the road. Add to that the humidity in the air and possible unseen leaks or drips, and you have a recipe for the establishment of a mold colony. Enlist help, pull the washer and dryer out from the wall regularly, and make sure the areas behind them are clean, dry, and disinfected.

Other areas to keep an eye on: hall closets, your garage, and/or basement.

SERVPRO of Brunswick is always here to help you with any issues related to water damage in your home or business. Large-scale cleanups after flooding and fire are our specialties, and we are mold remediation experts, too. Call us at (912) 264-6094.

First Steps in Dealing with Fire Damage

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

A house fire is a very traumatic experience, and as well as being dangerous and putting lives at risk, your home and many items of personal value to you may have been lost or badly damaged by the flames, the heat, smoke or water, which is emotionally troubling. Firefighters may have found it necessary to cut holes in walls to look for hidden flames, or in the roof to let out heat and smoke, so your home will probably be almost unrecognizable to you. The clean up after a fire in your home will take time and patience. Here are some tips that you can take right away to help you and your loved ones get back to normal as soon as possible:

First, you will need to contact your insurance agent before any fire damage is repaired or clean-up is begun. You will need to be prepared with information on what will be covered, and how to find reputable companies that can take care of your property for you during this time.

Secondly, you will want to take steps to find and retrieve all important documents, and replace those that have been lost or irretrievably damaged, such as birth and death records, social security cards, mortgage and banking information and records, wills, and stocks and bonds, as soon as it is possible to do so.  

Another step to keep in mind is to try and limit all movement about the home; this will prevent soot particles from becoming embedded in your upholstery and carpeting. You can place towels or old linens on your rugs, upholstered furniture, and foot traffic areas.

Changing your HVAC filters after a fire is a good idea and another vital step to take, and if the power is out, empty your freezer and fridge and prop the doors open to get rid of the smoke.

You don’t want to wash any walls or painted surfaces, or clean carpets, etc., without contacting a fire damage specialist. Any canned or packaged food and beverage items that were stored near the heat or fire will need to be thrown out. If your ceiling is wet, don’t turn on any ceiling fixtures such as fans or lighting; the wiring could be damaged.

Here at SERVPRO of Brunswick, we are always ready to help you in the event of fire damage to your home and property. We are also experienced in the areas of water damage, as well as mold prevention and remediation. Visit our website: SERVPRO of Brunswick, or contact us by phone at: (912) 264-6094.

Mold Prevention Tips for Your Home

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Just the thought of mold growing in your home can be very unsettling.

Mold is actually very beneficial in some areas of our lives, such as in cheese-making and in the production of medicines such as penicillin, and it is part of the natural processes of the earth during the decomposition of nature’s organic matter. Yet mold can be a very unhealthy organism to have around at times, such as when it grows undetected in your home. The spores spread easily and never completely eradicated, growing anywhere: on carpet, paper, inside walls, and on food.

Here are some mold prevention tips for your home:

  • LOOK FOR LEAKS: Leaks and flooding aftermath need to be cleaned up and dried as soon as possible to prevent water damage and mold growth. Keep an eye open for stains on ceilings and walls - telltale signs of leaks that are happening behind the scenes. Keep rain gutters clean and in good repair, and make sure water is properly diverted from the foundations and low-lying areas of your house.
  • KEEP THINGS DRY: Mold grows where it’s wet and will take over in 24-48 hours. Even leaving wet items lying around the house, such as beach towels and swimsuits, can create a problem. Hang things up to dry.
  • MAINTAIN PROPER VENTILATION: Make sure your living areas are properly ventilated. Any appliances that produce moisture need to be vented to the outdoors. Using a dehumidifier is always a good idea; today’s energy-efficient homes can actually hold moisture indoors, so monitoring the humidity levels in your home will help you keep the atmosphere healthy.
  • MOLD-RESISTANT PRODUCTS: Anytime you do repairs or renovations, use mold-resistant products such as drywall or sheetrock; many paints on the market today contain mold inhibitors, as well. These paints are especially good for use in bathrooms and laundry areas, for example, where humidity levels will probably be the highest in the home.
  • HOUSEPLANTS: Mold is apt to grow on houseplants, so keep leaves clean and dry by wiping down leaves periodically.

In the event that a mold problem has developed in your home, you can contact us here at SERVPRO of Brunswick for help. Our phone number is (912) 264-6094. We are experienced in cleanup projects needed after fire or water damage.

Top Three Storm Damage Tips

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Summer storms can appear on the horizon quickly and can surprise you with their violence. All that water can be devastating to a home or commercial building, causing storm damage and water damage that can take a significant amount of time and expense to repair. There are several steps you can take to prepare your property for inclement weather events and possible flooding; preventive measures will reduce the amount of flood and storm damage sustained and the time it can take to get life back to normal.

  • MAINTAIN ROOFS AND GUTTERS: Well-maintained gutter systems are much better at diverting water to proper drainage areas, while a roof that is in good repair will prevent water in the interiors of your buildings. If your gutters are clogged with dead leaves and debris, rainwater can overflow and saturate the ground around the foundations causing damage there, while backed-up water can spill into wall structures. A regular cleaning schedule for your gutters is a good idea, and regular roof inspections will reveal problems quickly and allow you to repair problem areas before bad weather hits.
  • STORM DRAINS: Storm drains need to be maintained properly, as well. These are in place to move excess water away from buildings and driveways. Your local government is usually responsible for this, but keeping an eye on them around your property will allow you to be able to report a problem right away so that repairs can be made, leaving you ready for storm waters.
  • RESPONSE PLAN: Have a plan ready for work staff and loved ones. In the event of flooding, make sure you have a system in place to communicate to everyone so that they know whether to travel or not. No one should brave driving through flood waters! Listening to weather updates is a good idea, and you’ll want to make sure you keep an emergency preparedness kit on site.

SERVPRO of Brunswick is always ready to help if your property sustains damages from storms, water, or fire. Call us with any concerns at (912) 264-6094, or visit our website: SERVPRO of Brunswick

Summer Cleaning Tips for Your Business

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

Keeping your business clean and your work environment pleasant and healthy during the summer is a big job. The heat and dust, insects, and workers out on vacation all can cause your workplace to look a bit less professional than it usually does. Here are some tips for you to use to keep your place of business looking great during the summer months:


  • Install insect traps in places where they hide. Fly strips are a good idea to use near entrances.
  • Dust surfaces daily.
  • Clean and disinfect all bathrooms, to include: mirror, countertop, sinks, and both the inside AND outside of toilets.
  • Clean and disinfect doors, door handles, and light switches.
  • Sweep and mop floors, using a disinfectant liquid. Make sure the mop head gets cleaned and/or replaced regularly.
  • Clean cigarette trash from provided receptacles.
  • Clean and polish drinking fountain, if you have one.
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen area, to include sinks and countertops.
  • Clean all glass, especially entrance doors.


  • Wipe down and disinfect work desks and machinery such as phones, keyboards, printers, and filing cabinets.
  • Sweep and vacuum all offices.
  • Dust accessible window sills and baseboards.
  • Dust artwork, framed certifications, and news articles, etc.
  • Clean out the refrigerator and wash/disinfect microwave.
  • Sweep exterior entrances, both front, and back.
  • Make sure break areas are clean and presentable.
  • Remove trash and debris from parking areas.
  • Ensure there is no standing water on the property that could attract mosquitoes.


  • Inspect roofing, exterior doors and windows, and parking areas for potential problems and maintenance needs.
  • Trim back large bushes and tree limbs on your property ahead of wet summer weather.
  • Do a quick inspection of fencing and entrance gates.
  • Schedule periodic maintenance of HVAC and ductwork regularly during this season of heavy usage.

Here at SERVPRO of Brunswick, we are prepared to help you handle all your cleaning and maintenance projects, both large and small. Call us at (912) 264-6094 to schedule inspections, or for cleanup assistance after water or fire damage. We are also experienced in mold remediation. Visit our website: SERVPRO of Brunswick.