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4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Clean and Safe

10/17/2017 (Permalink)

General 4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Clean and Safe Organizing your garage makes the space safe and manageable!

Garages are essential places where people store vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes, and other things. We keep lots of valuable things in our garages, so let's make sure it's a safe and organized area! How do you use your garage? Some store children’s equipment, boxes, and other miscellaneous items. Regardless of what is there, a garage should be neat and tidy.

To create more space in your garage, you have to keep it organized. Move everything you feel is out of place to create more space for your vehicles and important items. We advise our customers to observe the following tips to keep garages clean, safe, and organized throughout the year.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

Before cleaning your garage, you should cut unnecessary things and keep them in the right place. Consider hiring a qualified contractor to build shelves on the walls of the garage. You will store your items safely on the shelves.

Clean the Garage

After getting rid of extraneous items in the garage, the cleaning can begin. Our services at SERVPRO of Brunswick are affordable. We will transform your personal or professional garage into a clean place for your vehicles and other items.

Paint the Garage Floor and Walls

We advise homeowners in Brunswick to paint their garage floors and walls to ease the maintenance process. Additionally, a well-painted garage looks presentable to everyone in your household, including visitors. Only buy high-quality floor paint from reputable dealers. The paint will seal cracks and prevent floor damages from moisture, which will prolong the lifespan of your garage.

Mitigate Fire Hazards

If you have flammable liquids stored in your garages, be careful! Fire can erupt in some situations. You should have effective measures to curb these challenges when they happen. However, the best thing is to prevent the fire from erupting by performing the following activities:

  • Avoid overloading circuits
  • Clean oil spills immediately
  • Keep flammable substances away from electrical appliances

At SERVPRO of Brunswick, we offer both commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services. Our customer care team is available 24/7.

Spruce Your Business for a New Season with Our Commercial Cleaning

10/12/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Spruce Your Business for a New Season with Our Commercial Cleaning Let us clean your business to start the new season!

Spruce Your Business for a New Season with Our Commercial Cleaning

As summer rapidly draws to a close, many business owners in Brunswick look forward to a very busy time of year. If you'd like to spruce up your commercial premises to appeal to more customers, you'll appreciate the professional cleaning services offered by SERVPRO of Brunswick. Let us help you delight your customers and staff this season. We specialize in creating sparkling clean, welcoming environments!

Rely on SERVPRO of Brunswick

SERVPRO of Brunswick offers vital commercial services. We offer genuinely comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing assistance. Our well-trained technicians use specialize professional-grade tools to remove embedded grease and debris from floors, carpets, upholstery, walls, ceilings and air vents. We'll eliminate unpleasant lingering odors, too. Ask us to help refresh and revitalize blinds and drapes and help restore the brilliant luster of crystal clear glass windows! We'll help clear away grime and thoroughly refurbish offices, real estate listings, restaurants and other commercial premises to help ensure your company makes an attractive impression on visitors.

Many studies have shown first impressions frequently impact customer purchasing decisions. If you want your firm to appear efficient and capable, you'll need to maintain odor-free commercial premises. By asking us to help you spruce up your work environment, you'll make a smart investment in your business this year. As you look forward to a great season, remember to schedule your company's next appointment with SERVPRO of Brunswick!

Fast, Reliable Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services can also help businesses facing unusual, unexpected cleanup challenges. Did vandals leave ugly graffiti scrawled along the exterior of one of your rental properties? Has your new construction site developed a distasteful, musty odor as a result of flooding or sewage backups? Ask us to completely clean and sanitize these locations. We carefully beautify commercial sites, removing stains and sticky, ingrained dirt from building surfaces and furnishings. Let us help you put your best foot forward during one of the busiest times of year!

Your customers will notice the difference when we perform reliable commercial cleaning at your location. Our technicians have received extensive training in order to handle a wide array of assignments correctly and rapidly. Our commercial cleaning services help enhance your business image at a pivotal time of year. Call now to reserve the dates and times you prefer for SERVPRO cleaning services this fall and winter!

Ophelia's Classic Car Challenge - Clean Your Vehicle Today!

10/12/2017 (Permalink)

Community Ophelia's Classic Car Challenge - Clean Your Vehicle Today! Help your car stand out at Ophelia's Classic Car Challenge!

Clean Your Vehicle for Ophelia's Classic Car Challenge

Ophelia's Classic Car Challenge is coming up soon! If you want your vehicle to look perfect for this great community outing, these tips can help!

Focus on Air Conditioning Vent Dusting

Dust can make the interior of your car look unattractive and neglected. It can make the interior of your vehicle feel less than welcome too. If you want to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning job, focus on dusting the middle of your air conditioning vents. It can help to use a paintbrush or foam brush. Once you're done, vacuum any and all remnants of dust you see. If you fail to do so, you could end up with dust in other parts of your vehicle.

Say Goodbye to All Hints of Gooey and Gummy Substances

People frequently eat food in their car. They inevitably spill their food once in a while as well. That's why it's not at all uncommon to spot gooey and gummy stains in vehicles. If you notice any inexplicable substances that fit this description, take action as soon as possible. Grab a Magic Eraser to do away with anything unsightly and icky. Magic Erasers can do wonders for people who want to scrub their vehicle interiors to glowing perfection.

Treat Your Dashboard Leather Like Royalty

The details mean so much in the car cleaning world. If you want your car to look like a million dollars for Ophelia's Classic Car Challenge, you need to focus on your dashboard. Your goal should be to make your dashboard leather shine. Olive oil can do the trick. If you want to polish, condition and pamper this leather, a little olive oil can go a long way.

Make Use of Soda

Soda can be an asset for people who want to clean their vehicles well, believe it or not. If you want your windshields to look flawless and immaculate, cola is your best friend. Cola can come in handy for people who want to cut noticeable streaking on their windshields. Cola has bubbles that do away with debris and grime.

Contact SERVPRO of Brunswick

If you want to know more about A1 cleaning, it can help to get in touch with SERVPRO of Brunswick. We've loved helping to keep the community clean for years now.

Campfire Safety Tips

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Campfire Safety Tips These campfire safety tips could save someone's life! Have fun but be careful!

Campfires can be a lot of fun, whether they are in the backyard or a remote wilderness area. However, anytime there is a fire, there is a risk of fire damage. With a campfire, the two primary concerns are falling into the fire and the fire escaping and burning the surrounding area. The good news is that there are a few simple things that can help you and your family to stay safe around the fire.

Before building a fire, you should make sure that it is safe and permissible to build the fire. Though there are a number of factors to consider, a general rule is that campfires should not be built when wind speeds are above 15 mph. Campfires are at lower risk of spreading when it is raining, the ground is wet or the temperature is low. In severely dry conditions, governmental authorities may ban all burning. A quick call to a park ranger, fire department or the police should help you to determine if there is a burning ban.

Tripping and falling into the fire is one of the most serious risks of a campfire, especially when children are present. Before building the fire, the area around the fire should be cleared of logs, large rocks and anything else that may cause a person to trip. Parents should closely watch children and forbid them from running or playing near the fire. A 10-foot circle around the fire should be cleared of any flammable objects, including vegetation. Fires should only be built in fire rings that are on level surfaces to decrease the chances of injury or the fire spreading.

It is important that you make certain that the campfire is fully extinguished before leaving the fire or going to sleep. Large chunks of wood will burn for a long period of time and should not be added to the fire late at night. When putting the fire out, you should knock the wood down flat on the ground. Water should be poured over the fire and the coals and wood turned on the wet ground to extinguish both sides. Only after the fire is cool to the touch is it safe to be left alone.

Whether it’s a campfire or a home furnace, a little bit of fire damage prevention can help to ensure a safe experience. However, the fire damage experts here at SERVPRO of Brunswick are ready to help if your home or other structure is damaged by fire.

How to Prepare Your Home or Business for Potential Flood Damage

9/19/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage How to Prepare Your Home or Business for Potential Flood Damage Prepare your home now to avoid costly repairs later!

Flood damage can lead to minor repairs, or it can leave a business or home with tremendous devastation. Since you can't know what is going to happen until after the flood, preparing for the worst is best.

Consider the Electric

When water and electric mix, a major, potentially fatal, hazard can arise. If you are concerned about flood waters getting into the electric, you should have a professional consultation to find out what you can do to minimize the potential for risk.

Use Sandbags

While small sandbags are unlikely to stop all of the damage that a major flood can cause, they can be of assistance, especially if the flood is of a lesser severity. Sandbags can help to keep the water contained to one room or one part of the business or home. Even if a flood does find its way into the lower level of the company or house, you might be able to keep it there.

Make Repairs

Some problems in the construction of your business building or house might make the space more susceptible to floods. For example, uneven ground or a poor drainage system could lead to greater problems. Before the next flood comes to town, have these issues repaired. You may need to contact the landlord if you do not own the property.

Move Important Items

If you can store important items in another facility, one that is better protected against floods, then consider that option. When that is not a possibility, you should move important items, such as products, files or furniture, to higher ground. By moving these items to a different floor of the space, you are taking a step toward protecting them from the floods.

Evacuate the Building

You may hear that a flood warning or watch is in effect for your area. Taking these weather reporters seriously is of utmost importance. In the event that you keep your employees working through the weather conditions, you may discover that you are all trapped in the flood. Discussing evacuation routes and emergency-notification systems with your employees and family members should be a common procedure in your workplace or home.

Some floods cause devastating damage for both humans and structures. When you want to take precautions against major damage where you live or where you work, you should follow some basic protocols and advice for doing so. However, if there is water damage to your home or business, give SERVPRO of Brunswick a call. Our highly-trained team will complete a damage assessment and get your back to normal as soon as possible.

5 Tips for Dealing with Water Damage from a Leaking Roof

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage 5 Tips for Dealing with Water Damage from a Leaking Roof Don't get caught in a downpour in your home! Check your roof for leaks before and after a storm hits.

The rain is coming down and you have a roof leak. It wasn't there last time the rain came through, but it sure is there now. Hopefully, you caught it as a minor drip instead of a major leak. If you sustained water damage from that leak, you need to take steps to contain the damage and start getting this right.

5 Tips for Dealing with Water Damage from a Leaking Roof

  • Deal with the water. Leaks usually pool on the nearest horizontal surface. For attic leaks, the water tends to pool on the ceiling below. The water will find the path of least resistance like a light fixture or vent opening. That is where you will see the drips. Get a bucket under the drip to keep the water from doing more damage. If the water is causing a dip in the ceiling, use the tip of a pencil to open a small hole in the dip to drain the water into a bucket.
  • Locate the location of the leak. Get up into the attic to find where the water is getting in. It may be right above where the water is pooling, or it may be higher in the roof line. It could be near a vent or chimney opening as those are vulnerable locations for water leaks. If possible, get a bucket under the leak point, that will prevent any further damage to the ceiling below.
  • Make temporary repairs if possible. If you can access the roof safely, draping a tarp over the leak can help prevent water from getting inside. If you cannot access the roof safely, use roof tape or cement to patch the hole. That will provide a temporary patch to keep the water out until the roofer arrives.
  • Call in the pros. You need to call in two types of professional help. First, get a roofer in to fix the leak in the roof. The roofer has the equipment to do the job safely and effectively. Second, you need to bring in water restoration specialists to deal with the damage the leak caused. They can get the water out and start drying out your personal possessions. Doing this quickly can prevent mold and mildew from developing and minimize further damage.

These steps will help you minimize the damage the leak has caused and start getting your home back to normal. If you need assistance with water damage restoration, give us a call here at SERVPRO of Brunswick.

September is Emergency Preparedness Month

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

Community September is Emergency Preparedness Month Make sure your family and neighbors are prepared for disasters!

September is Emergency Preparedness Month (EPM), an annual event sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to raise awareness about the importance of advance preparation for the unexpected.

Using the theme, “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can,” they encourage individuals, families, businesses, and communities to train on how to respond when disaster strikes and what to do during an emergency, whether at home, at work, in school, or in a place of worship. This preparedness will also help first responders to do their jobs.

FEMA's National Preparedness Month Social Media Toolkit gives you key preparedness and marketing messaging and links to graphics that you can print in your newsletter or share on your social media channels by copying the messages directly or customizing them to reach your particular audience.

The Weekly Themes for 2017 are:

Week 1: September 1 through 9 -- An Emergency Plan for Yourself, Family and Friends

Week 2: September 10 through 16 - Plan to Help Your Neighbor and Community

Week 3: September 17 through 23 - Practice and Build Out Your Plans

Week 4: September 24 through 30 - Get Involved in Something Larger

You can share such important issues as preparing for an emergency, having an evacuation plan, how to sign up for local emergency alerts, skills you need to aid those in need until help can arrive, tips such as flood-proofing important documents by placing them in plastic bags to protect against water damage, and so many more ideas including, importantly, how to beware of scams and frauds when you later seek disaster assistance.

FEMA also has online training to help get everyone prepared, learn the five key actions you can take to save a life, and help to plan a preparedness event for the community.

After the disaster, your locally owned and operated SERVPRO of Brunswick Residential and Commercial Restoration and Cleaning Service will be standing by with their 24-hour emergency highly-trained technicians, equipment, and expertise to help with storm, water, fire, mold, or any other damage and cleaning needs. They are one of more than 1,700 expert franchises in the United States and Canada.

SERVPRO of Brunswick also realizes that lost productivity and revenue can be devastating to your business and prides itself on being able to get your commercial property up and running again quickly.

They are an active member of the Brunswick, Georgia, community and are ready to do their part to make the community the best it can be, whether in normal times or in the event of a disaster.

Get Your HVAC Ready for Autumn with These Tips

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

General  Get Your HVAC Ready for Autumn with These Tips Autumn is almost here. Make sure your home is ready for the new season.

The cooler breezes of autumn are starting to make their presence known. Now is the time to make sure your HVAC systems are ready to handle these cooler breezes. That way, you, your family and your home will remain comfortable as the weather cools down. Here are some tips to make sure your HVAC systems can handle the change.

  • Get a tune-up. Just like a car, your heating and cooling systems need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly and efficiently. The HVAC technician will inspect the system, make adjustments, and ensure the system is ready for autumn. This tune-up will help your system run efficiently, whether you are running the A/C or the heat. It will also help keep your energy bills under control.
  • Check and change your filters. Modern heating and cooling systems need a clean, steady flow of air to run efficiently. Filters help clean the air, but they can become clogged over time. You need to check the filters monthly and change them out as needed. This will ensure your system runs efficiently and without strain.
  • Check your outside unit. Here in Georgia, a lot of people have heat pumps to handle both heating and cooling. That means somewhere around your home there may be an outside unit. Autumn leaves can clog these outside units. Take time to remove leaves and debris. Then do a quick inspection to make sure there is no damage.
  • Get your thermostat programming up to date. Autumn has its ups and downs in temperature. Your thermostat needs to be set properly to keep your home comfortable. Update your programmable thermostat as needed. If you don't have such a thermostat, now is the time to get one installed.
  • Clean your ductwork. Summertime brings plenty of dust and pollen into the home, and subsequently into your home's ductwork. If you were to take a look in your ducts, you would likely see a layer of dust along the duct walls. That means every time the system turns on, the dust and pollen get distributed throughout the house. A periodic cleaning can remove that debris and make the entire system work better. On top of that, you get cleaner air throughout the winter.

These tips will help you get ready for the cooler months ahead. If you want to learn more about cleaning the ductwork in your home, give us a call here at SERVPRO of Brunswick.

March is National Red Cross Month

3/15/2016 (Permalink)

March is National American Red Cross Month. SoB &SoW are pleased to sponsor the 2nd Annual Youth Heroes Breakfast On Friday March 25th 2016 at the Golden isles Career Academy in Brunswick. 15 local kids, middle school through high school, have been nominated for this prestigious award, recognizing their volunteer work in our community. In addition Coach Rocky Hidalgo, from Glynn Academy, will be recognized as the Outstanding Adult Mentor for 2016. We would like to congratulate all the recipients and their families on their achievements. 

Prevent Window Frost

1/27/2016 (Permalink)

It's not only important to stay warm, but it's also important to stay warm safely. Be mindful that burning charcoal produces carbon monoxide and shouldn't be done in an enclosed area without a proper venting system.